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Pastured Meat


Meat raised in Harmony with Nature

We believe in selling only the finest quality products and top-quality products come from animals that are raised stress-free in their most natural environment moving across healthy land.

Our lambs are 100% grass fed and are prized for their lean meat and light  herbal flavor. Our sheep are raised without grain, antibiotics, or growth hormones. We shepherd our sheep to new range daily to optimize range management and prevent over grazing especially during the dry months. Because our sheep eat a wide range of both grass and forbs, it effects the taste of the meat and imbues a floral, herbal flavor depending on what time of year as well as what they decide to eat. During the dry months when we cannot graze to protect the plants, the sheep eat Timothy/Orchard grass that is non-GMO and not sprayed with pesticides or synthetic fertilizer. This guarantees that what you are getting is healthy for the animal as well as you the consumer.We sell our lambs in wholes, halves and by-the-cut.

How To Buy

We have our lambs processed locally using small butchers that creates less stress on the animals.

Standard Cuts 

We get our beef, pork and lamb processed into standard cuts. These are the cuts you receive when you order them in bulk unless you request custom cuts. 


Our meat is available when our lambs get old enough to process. For more information or to place an order, you can contact us through our contact form, email, or telephone.


Or, if you’re planning on buying in bulk, you can reserve your animals through emailing us at We will be happy to accommodate.

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