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Let me tell you a story...

Rio Milagro Farm

Original Old Style Churro Sheep

The Story of the Churro

The history of the Churro is so interwoven with the Southwest cultures that they are at once the same journey -- the scruffy, humble, powerful, beautiful, and sacred Churro sheep-- originally brought to the Southwest people by the Spaniards but nearly destroyed in modern times by devastating government policies and economic forces. 



    This story is not just about the narrative of the Southwest people and their Churros.  It is also about a re-connection to what matters most to us on our farm on a wild river in southwest New Mexico.  A connection to identity, tradition, family, and spirit. A connection to all things.
    For our family, this is a chronicle of an account of the preservation of a unique rare sheep and an even rarer desert eco-system in which we live on our farm. It is the ability of our family to somehow make a difference. But this journey also transcends our family and this culture. It touches the desire of people everywhere, to somehow have a connection to this planet and all it's wonders. It is a connection for people who want their children to know who they are and where they come from. To be a part of what was here before we were. To want something a little bigger than all of us and for it to live on in this uncertain world. 



 This story of our farm and the Churros is a celebration of life --  a celebration of family -- a journey that transcends all boundaries and in the process, makes us human. This is the story of our family, friends, wool and those beautiful, small, odd sheep with tremendous gifts that brings us all together.

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